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Puzzles are a great way to test your knowledge, or simply pass the time. Here are some favorite hangman and jigsaw puzzles.

Why Hangman puzzles? - Years ago I built a Hangman puzzle game engine using JavaScript, which has been fun to feed word lists. As I've studied specific technical areas of interest, I've enjoyed feeding themed glossaries to the engine and using it to "study". Really, it's fun... puzzles are awesome,, study devices. (Seriously, try it, you'll see what I mean.)

Why Jigsaw puzzles? - I thought I hated Jigsaw puzzles until I tried them online. They offer a great way to escape for a few minutes at a time when you need a break. This one requires flash, but as it's pretty prevalent, you probably already have it installed. If not, it might be worth it for these...but that's just me.

Hope you enjoy your visit. Be sure to share your feedback. Also, please let me know if you find anything in need of repair. To report problems or questions, please contact the author. Best wishes!

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